Pokemon Sun/Moon Dev Weighs in on Fan Games

This year has seen many fan games get shut down or changed after companies took issue with the unlicensed usage of their intellectual properties. Nintendo was at the forefront of many of these, including the fan-made Pokemon Uranium, which was released after 9 years in development and then quickly removed from the internet.

Now, in an interview with Kotaku, Pokemon Sun and Moon producer Junichi Masuda has spoken out about these projects.

“Yes, of course, I see a lot of the–well, it’s hard to say an example, but I see a lot of people on Twitter [sending me] different takes [on Pokemon],” Masuda said. “If I see that you are having fun creating things, or working on an art project…working on game development, we kind of share that feeling [of appreciation].”

Masuda didn’t name any specific game or project, but he did urge the developers to apply for a job at Pokemon developer Game Freak.

“In general terms, as creators we both have fun creating things, and at Game Freak we are always looking for skilled individuals, so please apply,” he said. Being a producer, Masuda would have nothing to do with these kinds of takedowns, as they’re generally handled by laywers who are trying to protect a company’s intellectual property.

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Other fan games that have been taken down or changed this year include a Metroid 2 remake, a parody game called “No Mario’s Sky,” and a remake of the original Star Wars: Battlefront 3. The Battlefront remake is still in development, but after meeting with Lucasfilm, it will no longer contain anything to do with Star Wars.

Additionally, there’s another Pokemon fan project in the works. Pokemon Prism is designed in the same style as Pokemon Gold and Silver but with 60 FPS gameplay.