Pool Billiards Pro – Experience Classic Games of 8-Ball and 9-Ball On the Go.

Nothing kills time better than a good old round of billiards. Unfortunately, that only works on your time off in the bar. Pool tables aren’t exactly commonplace or available on short notice, especially when you’re sitting on the train or taking a lunch break.

Thankfully, Pool Billiards Pro provides the next best thing. Hit the tables anytime from your favorite smartphone or tablet computing device, and pocket those balls with a few strategic swipes of your finger. While you’re at it, bounce them around using the game’s in-depth physics engine. Pool Billiards Pro has all the inherent strategy and fun of traditional pool without the need to haul a heavy table around.

The table in Pool Billiards Pro may be small and digital, but it’s been adapted well to suit the new format.

  • Features responsive touchscreen controls. Rotate your finger around the ball to determine the direction you want to hit it in. When you’re ready, determine the force of your strike with a single finger tap.
  • Play by yourself or challenge another player to a hotseat game.
  • Includes realistic physics that allow you to bounce the balls around, just like in real life.

A lot of games have been spawned from the humble pool table. Pool Billiards Pro will let you partake in a small handful of them.

  • Play Single Player to experience a simple game with no rules whatsoever. Sink as many balls as you can and ratchet up the highest score possible.
  • Go into Practice mode to practice your shooting techniques without worrying about a computer opponent getting in your way.
  • Includes 8-ball. Choose between solid or striped balls, and make sure to pocket them all before your opponent pockets his. Then go for the 8-ball itself.
  • Play 9-ball. Hit only the lowest-numbered balls or face the consequences.
  • Experience an all new game with Challenge mode. See if you can pocket every ball before time runs out.
  • Play Arcade mode. Pocket as many balls as you can before you run out of cues.

If you love billiard games, then there’s no reason to not give Pool Billiards Pro a try. It includes a couple of familiar games, a bunch of completely new ones, and the ability to hone your technique if it requires a little fine-tuning. You can play by yourself or with a friend, and both can be done completely free of charge.

Grab some chalk and download Pool Billiards Pro this instant.

(Android – For most Android based phones and tablets.
See download page for specific requirements.)

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