Pose with Popplio as Pokemon Gets Twitter Stickers

You can now grab a selfie with a Pokemon, as four Poke stickers come to Twitter photos.

Twitter’s official account revealed the news with a short video showing stickers of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s three starter Pokemon–Popplio, Rowlet, and Litten–as well as a Poke Ball. After a thorough investigation, GameSpot can confirm these are the only Pokemon-themed stickers available.

The Pokemon Company has also been busy on a connection between Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon Go, as well as enjoying the success of the formers’ demo version.

The developer recently revealed a new trailer for Sun and Moon, showing off the games’ final evolutions and their signature Z-Moves, as well as a glamorous-looking Alolan Dugtrio. Here’s hoping the elegant fella is the next to get Twitter stickers.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon launch on 3DS November 18 in North America and Japan, or November 23 if you’re in Europe.