PS4’s Nioh Receives New DLC Today; Here’s What It Adds

It’s been six months since Dark Souls-esque action game Nioh launched on PS4, but if you’ve been wanting a reason to return to it, there’s some good news today. Nioh’s Defiant Honor DLC pack is available now and adds new enemies, weapons, and more.

In a PlayStation Blog post, Team Ninja creative director Tom Lee discussed some of the major additions in Defiant Honor. Chief among them is Sanada Yukimura, a new samurai that you can fight. The developer said that he’ll be the hardest foe in the game.

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“His brave heroics and fearlessness in the face of death epitomizes the spirit of the samurai,” Lee said. “A perfect warrior in many respects, and for a game that is profoundly focused on life and death we could not think of a better candidate as the toughest adversary in Nioh.”

In addition, Defiant Honor also brings you up against a ninja named Sarutobi Sasuke. He acts as Yukimura’s guard and is nearly as tough as the samurai.

Although these enemies are going to be difficult to defeat, players also get a new weapon to confront them with: the Tonfa. It’s a ninja weapon meant for close-quarters melee combat. “The Tonfa may also put a smile on many of the faces of our loyal Ninja Gaiden fans who are surely familiar with this impressive weapon,” Lee wrote.

Defiant Honor costs $10 / £10 on the PlayStation Store, but it’s free if you own the season pass. This is the second DLC pack for the game; the first, Dragon of the North, launched back in May. There’s a third pack in the works, called Bloodshed’s End, but Team Ninja hasn’t said anything about it yet.