Rage of Bahamut – Make Friends, Slay Foes and Save the World in Rage of Bahamut

Three factions wage war in Rage of Bahamut to decide who will rule the world. Choose a side, join the fray and build your army for total control of the land. By summoning troops from your deck of cards, you can forge your own path to greatness. Quests offer exclusive rewards, player battles provide endless opportunities to make a name for yourself in the world and in-game events add to the ever-evolving storyline of the medieval world.

For greater power, join an order and work with friends to take down some of the most powerful foes in the game. Rage of Bahamut offers multiple ways to collect cards and enjoy your time within the game.

Rage of Bahamut is set in a medieval fantasy world that is controlled by three main groups—Gods, Demons and Man. Each side is locked in an epic battle for global supremacy. Though the initial Holy War is over, these three factions continue to fight as they mount a defense against a growing Goblin army. The game features an evolving storyline with regular updates. Each update offers more information into the lore of the world, provides new player-driven events and opportunities to change its fate.

Rage of Bahamut is a trading card game. By gathering various cards, you can build an army of creatures to attack other players, complete quests and compete in events. Cards can be earned as rewards, purchased in game or traded with other players to help you build the perfect army.

As you battle other players and foes, your cards and player will gain power and experience that can be used to progress further into the world of Rage of Bahamut. However, you must choose your actions carefully as each action requires stamina. Once your stamina is depleted, you must wait for it to recharge. You gain one stamina per minute. For extended play sessions, refills can be purchased within the game.

The game features a multiple game modes for great flexibility. Each mode offers unique rewards to provide multiple ways to progress through the game. Current game modes include:

  • Quests: In this game mode, your character faces off against waves of enemies. As you defeat enemies, elements of the storyline are revealed. At the end of each quest series, a boss will appear. These challenging fights often offer unique and powerful rewards for those strong and cunning enough to defeat the powerful foes. Quests also provide the player with experience to further improve their character.
  • Battles: These events pit your army against other players. Battles are turn based. Each player alternates attacks until one is defeated. Winning battles earns your character honor. Each week, the amount of honor earned by each player is compared and prizes are distributed to the top players in each region. Rewards can include additional cards, character-enhancing items and more.
  • Event Battles: Team up with other players within Rage of Bahamut to defeat massive foes that threaten the world. Each fight consists of multiple turns. If the group is successful in vanquishing the enemy, prizes are awarded based on the amount of damage dealt, when the player joined the event and other criteria. Event battles offer some of the most challenging fights within the game. However, they also offer some of the best rewards.
  • Order Battles: Players within Rage of Bahamut can form groups of players called orders. Being part of an order earns your character various bonuses to help defeat stronger foes. Orders can also battle each other for victory points and exclusive prizes. Order battles last one hour and involve a series of battles with members of the opposing order.

If you are a fan of trading card games, Rage of Bahamut is one of the best available in the mobile market. With so many ways to spend time within the game, improve your character and build your army, the game offers an enjoyable experience to a wide range of game players. Social players will enjoy the orders and event battles. Casual players can relax and quest at their own pace. The continuing story of the world offers an interesting backdrop to the game play as well. Completing a player battle or quest typically takes less than five minutes. This makes it a great option for a quick game. As your character improves, longer play times are possible as well.

With frequent rewards, an in-depth marketplace and the ability to evolve and enhance existing cards, there is a level of depth to Rage of Bahamut with which many free trading card games cannot compete. Experienced trading card game players will find endless ways to customize their army, improve their card selection and discover new strategies. Yet, players inexperienced with trading card games will find the system easy to use and fun to play. This balanced approach to the game world makes it one of the most popular trading card games for mobile devices.

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