Review :GeForce NOW Open for All

Today we are making GeForce NOW — and PC gaming — available to more gamers.More compared to 1.2 billion players have made the PC that the world’s largest gaming platform, yet only a fraction have a modern PC with the power to play their preferred games.ets you use the cloud to connect in. It has the power to play PC games anywhere, on any device — even the billion apparatus which are not game ready. You’re upgrading to a state-of-the-art gaming rig by adding a GeForce graphics card for your PC, Mac, SHIELD or Android phone.Just like the PC, GeForce NOW is an open platform. It is powered with our world-class GPU architecture and uses our Sport Ready Drivers for its very best performance. And, because those are real PC game, GeForce NOW gives you the precision of mouse and keyboard gaming, as well as optimizations for game controllers.

PC game

It’s an opportunity for you to join to the millions of gamers on the internet and join friends and family in your favourite PC communities. Most of all, it immediately connects you to the games you already own on the digital game shops you have them on, or even the hottest free-to-play game everyone is playing.If you purchase it, you have it. If you already have it, then play with it. Your purchases are always yours.