How To Save The Life Of Drake In Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 is a funny game. No matter how many forks there are in the path, players will always be funneled into a set of circumstances that Naughty Dog has crafted. Today, we’re going to pass along the best Uncharted 4 Tips that we’ve picked up during our play through. These will range from Treasure hunting to puzzle solving, and from stealth game play to all out combat when sneaking isn’t an option. We’ll prepare you for the absolute worst that the Drake’s foes can throw at you.

Parkour and Navigation
You’ll spend a lot of your time climbing, swinging and sliding around on cliffs and random objects. The better you know the parkour mechanics, the less you’ll miss the mark and plummet to your death. With that in mind, one of the best Uncharted 4 Tips that we can give is to take your time. Look around the environment for something you can jump to, climb up or use your grappling hook on. Don’t just jump at a wall and hope you stick to it. This impatience will lead to your death more often than not, and that’s one of the easiest ways to get sucked out of the story. Slow it down and plan your route before you start moving.How to save drake's life

How to Find Treasure
The main collectible item in the game is called Treasure. It can be found in just about every level, and it’s usually not easy to spot. Look for alcoves that seem out of place, or rocks that you can climb on that aren’t taking you in the direction you need to go. Naughty Dog loves to hide Treasure just out of sight, rewarding the curious gamer for taking the time to poke around. If you’re all about collectibles, one of our Uncharted 4 Tips is to tell you to spend some time exploring. You’ll find all sorts of cool things when you aren’t in a hurry. How to save drake's life 02

How to Use Stealth
If you plan to use stealth to get through areas with lots of Shoreline mercenaries, start by marking them with L2 and L3. That’s one of the best Uncharted 4 Tips. Marked enemies are easier to keep track of, allowing you to sneak past them without always having line of sight. You’ll also want to utilize tall grass to perform effective stealth takedowns, and study the routes that your enemies take. The more time you take to learn and plan, the more likely you are to get through without a gun battle.How to save drake's life 03

Using Effective Combat
There are times when stealth doesn’t work out, or the game doesn’t give you the option. It’s important we mention how you can survive combat situations with our Uncharted 4 Tips, otherwise we’re not doing our job. Start by taking cover if you can, choosing obstacles that are stone and brick over something that is made of wood. Cover can be destroyed, so choosing the right spot is key. Choosing your shots is also key, since headshots will normally down a Shoreline foe with a single bullet. Cover and good aim – those are the keys to combat.How to save drake's life 04

How to Solve Puzzles
The more you explore, the more clues you’ll find and add to your journal. Pulling out your journal when you’re faced with a tough puzzle is usually the best way to solve it. Drake takes note of the clues that he finds, so make sure you’re always studying them when you’re not sure what to do next. Once you think you’ve solved the puzzle, listen for verbal confirmation that you’ve got it. As far as Uncharted 4 Tips go, getting puzzles right the first time is as useful as they get.