Sky Dancer – Defy Death and Face Oblivion in this Artistic Runner!

Defy the Inevitable

For most people, few things are as terrifying to face than death. For a select few, the only thing worse is not truly living. Sky Dancer is a game for the second group. By taking control of one daredevil or another, you will face death. You will leap over sheer cliffs, maneuver around treacherous ledges, willingly fall thousands of feet, and laugh in the Reaper’s face every single time.

Chase the Horizon

Sky Dancer is a game about running, surviving and living despite the odds. Death may nip at your heels, but as long as you keep running, your fleet feet will always be one step ahead.

  • Feel the wind. Blaze a trail from dusk until dawn at over 60 miles an hour.
  • Taste the air. Sail across treacherous pits and chasms with graceful leaps and aerial somersaults.
  • Ride the force of gravity. Fall freely to your death and land deftly on your feet on the endless roads of the sky.
  • Complete hundreds of challenges and face new tasks every single day.
  • Play with over a dozen unique characters, including a ninja, an ice goddess, a zombie and the Devil himself!
  • Dance in the Sky

    Sky Dancer proves that running does not need to be a blur of motion, but a means of experiencing all the world has to offer. Only by moving endlessly forward, only by pushing our limits, only by defying that voice in our head that tells us to stop do we cease merely existing and begin truly living.

    (Android – For most Android based phones and tablets.
    See download page for specific requirements.)

    (iOS – For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
    See download page for specific requirements.)

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