Sorry, That Image You Saw Was Not a Teaser for Brutal Legend 2

You might have seen a Brutal Legend image circling around the internet this week, featuring the caption, “Ormagoden Lives.” Unfortunately for fans, it wasn’t a teaser for Brutal Legend 2.

Developer Double Fine clarified on Twitter, “Today in killjoy news: This was a fan site posting, and nothing to do with us. Sorry if you got excited!” The original Facebook post was deleted, but you can see the image here on NeoGAF. Complicating the matter somewhat was that Double Fine’s own Lee Petty even posted the Ormagoden image, but he since confirmed “there is no Brutal Legend 2.”

In another tweet, Double Fine said was it’s been saying for a long time about the possibility of a Brutal Legend sequel: it hasn’t been ruled out but it’s not the works now. “Not saying it’s never happening, but we have no plans right now, and will be working on Psychonauts 2 for AGES!” the studio said.

In December 2015, Double Fine said it might make Brutal Legend 2 is Psychonauts 2 is a success.

The original Brutal Legend–published by Electronic Arts in 2009–cost around $25 million to develop. It remains Double Fine’s best-selling game ever. Studio boss Tim Schafer said in January 2014 that raising that much money–or more–for a sequel “might be tricky.”

Schafer also previously teased that he’d like to explore Brutal Legend’s Lionwhyte character (voiced by Judas Priest singer Rob Halford) in a new Brutal Legend game or DLC. Brutal Legend main character Eddie Riggs was voiced by Jack Black; he “might be up for” returning to the character for a sequel