Star Wars: Uprising – Finish Off the Imperial Remnants in this Thrilling Action RPG!

Return to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

We all know the story of Star Wars. We all know the tale of how Luke Skywalker joined the Rebel Alliance, toppled the Galactic Empire, and revived the long dead Jedi order. However, we have yet to know what happened in the years after that. With Star Wars: Uprising, nobody has to wonder anymore. You will take control of a lowly smuggler struggling to make ends meet in the months following the death of Emperor Palpatine. After a job turns sideways, you’ll find yourself thrust knee-deep into the treacherous politics of the Anoat Sector, a realm of galactic space still ruled over by Imperial loyalists. With criminals on one side and Imps on the other, it will take cunning, skill and a quick trigger finger to survive. You might even have to spark a revolution.

A New Kind of Mobile Game

This Star Wars app is like nothing you’ve ever played before on a mobile device. It doesn’t use the colorful Star Wars setting as a mere backdrop; it introduces an all-new story in its expansive mythology. You’ll experience a lengthy narrative-driven adventure that unfolds from the point of view of a lone smuggler. How he or she will see this tale to its end is up to you.

• Customize your smuggler. Choose your race, skin color, face, hair style, horn configuration, headgear and more!
• Learn a variety of useful abilities. Dodge like lightning, hurl explosive grenades, intimidate your foes, and so on.
• Improve your lethality and survivability by scavenging a variety of blasters, energy rifles, helmets, and suits of protective armor.

Mission to Success

Navigating your way through the dangers of the Anoat Sector will be no easy feat. You’ve got to rub shoulders with the most powerful crime lords, which means you’ll inevitably have to do all of their dirty work. Make sure your weapons are loaded; you’re going to see a lot of violence very soon.

• Choose your level of challenge. Play it safe or reap even better rewards on the more dangerous missions.
• Features fast-paced tactical combat. Blast your way through rival crooks, Imperial soldiers, enemy droids and everything else that gets in your way.
• Assemble a ragtag crew. Send them off on missions that get you even more money and gear.
• Fight by your lonesome or band together with other players for some cooperative action.

Jump to Hyperspace!

Star Wars: Uprising represents the beginning of a whole new age for the Star Wars universe. With strategic combat, a customizable avatar, a strong focus on the story, and no money required to play, you can’t ask for anything better. If you just can’t wait to see Star Wars The Force Awakens, then download the app and experience the next chapter of the saga right now.


A New Hope for Mobile Gaming

Another day, another free app based off an established franchise. That’s what any jaded mobile gamer is likely to say to the title of Star Wars: Uprising while browsing the game reviews page for the app store of his or her choice. The only question is what tired and thin premise will it be this time? Will it be another endless runner, another city-builder, or another rail shooter? 

The answer is that it’s none of those things. This Star Wars mobile game thankfully shows a lot more ambition than that. It takes full advantage of its license to create a more narrative-driven experience with a combat system that includes a lot of looting and character-building in the vein of Diablo. Does it work? It has its flaws, but Star Wars: Uprising does a lot to make it a breath of fresh air in the mobile gaming scene.

The Return of Star Wars

The first thing you’ll notice about the app is that it plays very much akin to a computer RPG. You make an avatar by choosing its race and gender, then pick from a selection of faces, skins tones and hair styles to further customize its looks. The options are pretty decent for a mobile game; you can play as a human, Twi’lek, Zabrak or Mirialan, though the difference between the four is entirely cosmetic. From there, you’ll be treated to the Star Wars’ trademark auto-scroll sequence summing up the current political situation in the galaxy.

Uprising takes place a few months after the end of Return of the Jedi. While Darth Vader and the Emperor are dead and gone, pockets of Imperial resistance remain, particularly in the Anoat Sector. A blockade has been set up there by Governor Adelhard in an effort to prevent the citizenry from finding out about the Rebels’ victory. You’re a lowly smuggler looking to import illegal goods past the blockade, and the game begins after a bad job forces you to work more directly in a criminal underworld that may be plotting its own rebellion.

It’s an interesting setup for a story, and it’s especially refreshing to see that it’s not just used as a backdrop to send you out killing things. While Uprising certainly has a lot of that, there’s a purpose to it all. Every mission you complete is done to move the plot forward, which is driven by dialogue and traditional cutscenes to make it feel more like a story-based game. It won’t stand up to classics like Knights of the Old Republic, and a lot of the characters are pretty unmemorable in general, but it’s clear the developers were at least trying to tell a halfway-interesting yarn. In the world of mobile games, that’s a feat in and of itself.

At the very least, this feels like a Star Wars game through and through. It starts off with the aforementioned scrolling text proceeding alongside the franchise’s heroic theme, and the whole game is peppered with songs that, if they weren’t lifted wholesale from the films, definitely give off a Star Wars vibe. The story is also pretty lighthearted; the criminals you’ll frequently interact with are still pretty likeable despite their menace, and there’s a good amount of humor to go around which thankfully doesn’t get excessive. Sound effects are really good too, with the shots of an energy blaster immediately invoking feelings of nostalgia. Needless to say, Kabam has done the Star Wars name well. Uprising may not appeal to everyone, but never let it be said that the people behind it had no respect for the franchise.

Flexible Combat

For a mobile game, Uprising does the Star Wars license justice, but how is it as an actual game? Overall, you could sum it up with similar words. As mentioned before, it’s an action RPG that plays similarly to Diablo. You proceed through every mission taking down swarms of enemies, and pick up a ton of loot along the way.

The enemy AI isn’t particularly bright; it really doesn’t have a whole lot of tricks up its sleeve. Some enemies are armed with guns, some are armed with melee weapons, and some might throw some powerful grenades or attacks with splash damage at you. None of these will really make a difference; their numbers are their only real advantage. 

Luckily, you can be a lot more creative in how you take them down. There are a staggering number of abilities your smuggler can use to get an edge. There’s a dodge-roll maneuver that’s useful for avoiding incoming bombs, a thrown grenade that damages multiple enemies at once, an intimidate ability that sends all foes panicking for a few seconds, and many others that in general only apply to specific weapons. You can’t equip everything, so it’s up to you to decide on a character build, but the number of options available means that you can easily find a general strategy and play style that works for you.

Gearing Up

In true RPG fashion, your character will level up as you complete missions, but Uprising puts more emphasis on improving your gear. While on the job, you’ll often find new weapons and armor that might be better than what you’ve currently got, but it’s not always so clear-cut. You have the option of upgrading your items using rare crystals, which gives them more longevity, but also puts you into an interesting dilemma. Do you upgrade this snazzy new goodie you got, or wait for something with better starting stats to come along?

Of course, one can’t mention the gear in Uprising without talking about the app’s microtransactions, for this is where it expects most of your hard cash to go. What you get from playing the game normally is workable, but if you want the really high-end stuff, then you’ll likely want to spend money at the local salvage depot. This will get you a highly-rated goodie at random. This sounds like it could get annoying, but it’s not too bad. If you’re only interested in completing the story, then you can get by just fine with your loot and mission rewards. However, if you want to remain competitive for the multiplayer portion of Uprising, you might need to break out the credit card.

The Force Isn’t Totally with This One

There are a lot of good things to say about Star Wars: Uprising, but make no mistake. It has flaws and they’re too significant for app reviews like this one to ignore. The biggest is that there just simply isn’t enough variety to it. Every mission is the same affair; you run through the linear corridors and kill everything that stands in your way. There just aren’t any puzzle elements or alternative mission goals to spice things up. It can be amusing for a little while, but it does get repetitive. Things can get a bit more fun if you opt to team up with other players to tackle the harder missions, but even that can only go so far. The fact that environments are so dull does not help.

Conclusion: Join the Uprising

Regardless of these flaws, Star Wars: Uprising is still a surprisingly polished piece of software that really is under-represented in the mobile market. While it’s highly repetitive, if you can pace yourself and stick to short bursts of playtime a day, you should be able to glean some enjoyment out of it. At the very least, it could be a sign of things to come. If you like Star Wars, you should definitely check it out.

– Review by David Galvin

Dave Galvin is a freelance writer and avid gamer. Somehow, he managed to find a way to combine the two passions.

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