StarCraft Remastered confirmed and the original StarCraft to be released for free

Blizzard Entertainment confirmed the rumors about StarCraft Remastered. The enhanced version of the iconic real-time strategy game is coming out this summer. While offering the classic experience, StarCraft Remastered is going to feature re-recorded audio and upgraded graphics. This means not only sharper textures of buildings, units, and environments, but also 4K resolution support. The difference between the original and remastered StarCraft is clearly visible – visit the game’s official website or watch the trailer below to see for yourself.

StarCraft Remastered is going to include the original campaign plus the content of the StarCraft: Brood War expansion, let aside expansive multiplayer. As for the latter, the game will have all the modern online features, including advanced matchmaking, keeping saved games in the cloud, easy access to fan-made maps, replay system, friends database, etc.
What’s more, the original StarCraft will be released for free this week. StarCraft Anthology is going to feature all expansion content and will come in the form of a patch. StarCraft Anthology players will be able to play together with owners of StarCraft Remastered.