Stardom: Hollywood – Live the Glamorous Life of an A-List Celebrity in Tinseltown!

Your time begins now. You’re about to live the dream life in Hollywood. Gone are the days when you struggled to pay the rent for your crummy little pad in the poor part of town. Now you’ll be living in the most luxurious manors, driving the fastest cars, attending the wildest parties, and rubbing shoulders with the coolest celebrities on this side of the continent.

Just don’t let it all go to your head; fame and fortune have their prices as well. You’ve got to keep your acting chops up, manage your finances, deal with sleazy agents, pass your auditions, and put up with a host of other issues. Living the life of an A-list star may seem easy, but in Stardom: Hollywood, even it has its own set of hurdles.

Being an actor might seem like a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of hard work. You’ve got bills to pay like anyone else, as well as tough decisions to make while climbing the social ladder.

  • Design your custom star. Pick a gender, hair style, hair color, face, and preferred style of dress.
  • Take control of your career. Grow from a humble coffee house worker to the biggest movie star in America.
  • Make decisions both big and small over the course of your journey to stardom.
  • Audition for roles in commercials, television shows and upcoming blockbusters.
  • Complete quests and accomplish all of your given tasks quickly. Act too slowly, and it may spell doom for your career.

In Hollywood, you work hard and you play harder. Partying in Stardom: Hollywood not only lets a celebrity cool down after a hard day’s work; it also allows her to enter the social circles of high society.

  • Buy new clothes and fully accentuate your style. As a star, you don’t follow fashion; you make fashion!
  • Hit the clubs and parties. Meet the most influential people in Tinseltown and expand your network of friends and contacts.
  • Flirt with people. If you can impress them enough, you might be able to go on a date. Date a famous person to increase your own fame.

What kind of actor do you wish you could be? What kind of films or shows would you have liked to star in? With Stardom: Hollywood, these questions and a whole lot more will be yours to answer. You will control every aspect of an up-and-coming Hollywood starlet, controlling what friends she makes, what relationships she forms, and what gigs she stars in on the road to fame and fortune.

If that kind of life sounds appealing to your senses, then download Stardom: Hollywood right away and start living the dream today.

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