Tap Sports Baseball – Win the World Series with Your Perfect Baseball Team!

Step Up to the Plate

Do you want to experience the thrill of America’s favorite pastime all year round? Do you want to see all your favorite Major League Baseball players go to action in even the dead of winter? If you said yes to either of those questions, then you have come to the right place with Tap Sports Baseball. This free baseball game app gives you the opportunity to compete with your very own dream team. Hire and draft the best players you can get, score as many home runs as you possibly can on the diamond, and then use your winnings to improve your team even more. Tap Sports Baseball has everything a baseball fan would want to find in all the MLB games out there.

It’s All About Teamwork

Like all the best baseball simulators, Tap Sports Baseball boasts extensive team-making features that will help you put together the best Major League team possible.

• Draft available players, hire free agents, or sign a contract with the MLB’s most wanted athletes.
• Put only the best MLB players on your team, including Buster Posey, Adrian Gonzalez and more.
• Pick a uniform for your team in eastern, western and central styles.
• Hire coaches and trainers to improve your team’s abilities.
• Pick your starting and relieving pitchers.
• Put together your overall Game Plan. Arrange your batting order, tell your team when they should consider bunting and stealing, arrange for when they should do their infield shifts, and more.

Play Ball!

When your team is as ready as they’re ever going to get, it’s time to put them on the field and see how well their training has paid off.

• Take part in the game yourself or use the Autoplay function to let the players do their thing.
• Time your swings and hit with all your might to score a home run.
• Stay on your toes! The opposing pitcher will do everything he can to strike you out.
• Get the drop on your opponent by bunting the ball or stealing home when they least expect it.
• Shift pitchers around if they’re starting to tire out.

It’s a Home Run!

Tap Sports Baseball is one of the deepest Major League Baseball mobile games you will ever find. With a full roster of today’s hottest players, in-depth team-making features, and multitudes of strategies to employ in the field, there’s no better option to playing and managing baseball while you’re on the move. Play ball with Tap Sports Baseball now!

A New App Enters the Field

If you have ever poked around online for app reviews, then you’ll see that MLB mobile games are nothing new. Thanks to its quasi-turned-based nature and easy-to-understand rules, baseball lends itself well to the casual mobile game market after all. With that in mind, how does Glu Games’ Tap Sports Baseball compare? Rather than throw itself fully into either the simulation or action genres, it attempts to take the middle ground between the two. There’s a lot of room for improvement, but overall, it’s an alright app that baseball fans should appreciate.

Simple Management

Management of your team plays a vital role in the gameplay of Tap Sports Baseball, though it’s notably more user-friendly than most sport manager titles. If you’ve played any of Glu’s other Tap Sports apps or at least read the game reviews for them, then you should know it contains the same clean and intuitive interface as the rest. There are a good number of things to take into account, but you’ll never feel to overwhelmed, even if that’s in part because the game does a lot of the work for you.

For instance, you can’t hire just any player you want. Outside of a few free agents, most players can only be drafted at random. The quality of the player you draft is proportionate to how much money you spend. Cheap drafts will only net you low-quality athletes, while the more expensive ones have a better chance of randomly picking better players. Naturally, better drafts require you to spend hard money. It’s a free game, so that’s understandable, but the amount of randomization makes the chance to form a team with all your favorite players annoyingly difficult at best and downright impossible at worst.

The other aspects of team management are a bit better, though some of them are still a bit too simple as well. You can determine the team-wide rate at which players can bunt, steal bases, shift in-field and so on, but you can’t ever do that specifically on a case by case basis. You can set the batting order in a standard way or in a “left versus right” way, but you can’t make the lineup yourself. Thankfully, you have a bit more freedom in how you swap your pitchers and batters around with their relievers, so it’s not all automated.

Aside from that, you can purchase an assortment of upgrades to improve your team’s statistics. They’re made to sound like you’re hiring coaches and trainers, but the reality is that they’re just simple flat increases. There’s no real training aspect to Tap Sports Baseball. Finally, there’s a decent selection of uniforms to deck your team out with, but you’ll unfortunately have to live with the fact that none of the uniforms are official. This game may have MLB players, but it sadly doesn’t have an MLB license. It’s not a huge deal by any means, but fans devoted to the sport might be in for some disappointment.

Batter Up

The actual baseball portion of this baseball app isn’t quite as in-depth as the managerial side of things, but it has its moments. True to the name, all controls are done via a simple screen tap. Your batter steps up to the plate, the pitcher throws the ball, and it’s your call when or if you swing. Careful timing is required to hit the ball, and it’s not always easy since the pitchers have some mean tricks up their sleeves. If you’re facing a skilled pitcher, expect him to throw fastballs, curveballs, breaking balls and whatever else he can at you. Likewise, less talented pitchers will be a whole lot easier to predict. Trying to stay on top of the pitcher requires a good amount of skill, so batting can be pretty fun despite its simplicity.

Sadly, that about covers the gist of what you can do in this game. You don’t really have much, if any, control over which direction the ball goes, how high up in the air it gets, or how far it travels. Most everything that happens at that point on is up to the players’ AI and statistics. All you can do at that point is simply hope nobody catches it and that your runners manage to land safely on one of the bases. It may have more interaction than a typical baseball manager allows, but if you’re looking for something more adrenaline-pumping, please curb your expectations.

Luckily, you can still make a few strategic calls now and then. If a player decides to take an opportunity to bunt, steal a base, or press forward, you can choose to prohibit or allow them. You can also opt to switch player positions, which can be useful when some start to tire out. It adds a nice bit of interaction and strategy to the mix and forces you to keep an eye on your players’ strengths and weaknesses so you can make the right calls. Luck still plays a factor into things, but that’s just the nature of the beast.

No Defense

The biggest issue with Tap Sports Baseball is that you can only play the offensive side of the game. There’s no pitching, passing, catching or tagging to be had here. That’s all automated by the computer and determined by statistics. This is in large part to keep the game simple and give it a turn-based structure that allows the human players behind both opposing teams to play at their own pace. It’s understandable, but still a crying shame. Defensive play may not be what scores you points in baseball, but it’s still a huge part of the sport.

On the upside, it is at least entertaining to watch players scramble all over themselves. Low-quality character models, robotic animations and flat backgrounds aside, the players do at least behave in a believable way. They watch, follow and run after the ball as it flies through the air, and desperately pass it around to oust the runners who in turn sprint and slide to safety. The visuals are crude and simple, but they get the job done.

Conclusion: Safe!

For all of its flaws, Tap Sports Baseball can still be a decent app for the baseball aficionados out there. While it feels too simple at times, it manages at others to hit that sweet spot between accessibility and depth. If you want to get really competitive in it, then you’ll likely have to spend some real money to draft some of the better players. However, even if you opt to stick to the free stuff, you can at least get a few fun hours out of it. Tap Sports Baseball is not the best at what it does, but it’s okay on its own merits.


– Review by David Galvin

Dave Galvin is a freelance writer and avid gamer. Somehow, he managed to find a way to combine the two passions.

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