The Things You Need To Know When You Start Fallout 4’s ‘Far Harbor’

Fallout 4′s Far harbor expansion will comes out tomorrow. Bethesda’s new island revolves around an adventure with Nick Valentine, everyone’s favorite synthetic detective and probably the most successful character in the main game. Valentine shows up shortly into the main questline to help the player track down clues surrounding his or her son, and as such, you’ll need to have met the guy already if you want to take a trip to scenic Far Harbor with him. Buying him dinner is optional. To that end, you’ll need to have completed the “getting a clue” quest in the main story before you can start the expansion.
What should you do before you play the Fallout 4's 'Far Harbor'
Most players will have already done this, but anyone just picking up the game or playing through with a new character should keep it in my mind if they decided to spend their time in the Commonwealth off the beaten path rather than pursuing the main questline.

It’ll be interesting to see what the expansion does with Valentine: an early screenshot showed a character that looked a whole lot like him with a bunch of tubes coming out of the back of his head, giving the appearance of a major upgrade with just a hint of menace. Far Harbor sees us choosing between Synths, Townspeople and The Children of Atom, and it’s not a far stretch to imagine Valentine arriving as some sort of synth leader. Will the player have the option of fighting the once-affable hero? I’d say it seems likely.