This Fan-Made Pokemon Commercial Is Great, Might Make You Cry

Pokemon’s 20th anniversary brought on a Super Bowl ad that tugged at our heartstrings, and now a fan-made commercial is tugging even harder.

Filmmaker John Wikstrom reached his hands into the nostalgia bucket to bring back childhood memories of throwing cartridges into Game Boys, admiring your collection of Pokemon cards, and evolving your beloved monsters. The commercial follows one man as a Pokemon-obsessed kid and then a boring adult, who rediscovers his love for the monster-collecting game.

It concludes on a shot of the man smiling at Pokemon Sun and Moon, with the words, “You evolved. So did we,” capping off the trailer. You can watch it in the embed above.

This isn’t the first video game-related short film that Wikstrom has created. You might remember one that revolved around the emotional story of a kid finding an old Xbox he and his late father played together. It’s quite good as well, and we definitely recommend giving it a watch.

If you’re looking forward to Pokemon Sun and Moon, you’ll be able to pick it up for the 3DS on November 18. You can download and play a demo of the upcoming game from the handheld’s eShop now.

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