This PS4 deal with three top games is a serious bargain

With the new PS4 slim now on store shelves we’re seeing some pretty affordable ways of purchasing one of the most fully-featured consoles of this generation, and Tesco’s latest offering  is the best we’ve seen recently.

The best bit about the deal is the three pack-in games it includes. There’s Overwatch, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Mafia 3.

The deal is a little complicated so you’ll have to bear with us on this one, but trust us, it’ll be worth it.

Firstly you’ll need to add Mafia 3 to your basket from here and then you’ll need to go this page and click ‘Add to basket’ next to the Overwatch bundle below it.

Doing this should leave you with a console and three games for £319, around £80 cheaper than the £400 it would cost you to buy the four items from Amazon.

Overwatch was exceptionally well-received when it released earlier this year, and whatever your feelings about the recent Call of Duty games, Infinite Warfare looks like a refreshing new direction for the series.

Mafia 3 is a marginally more divisive game. David Houghton over at TechRadar’s sister site GamesRadar is something of a fan, but reviewers at large have been more critical.

Regardless, even if you’re not sold on Mafia 3, this still looks like a great deal for anyone who’s yet to purchase a PS4.

Here’s a summary of how to get the deal:

  • Add Mafia 3 to your basket.
  • Add the Overwatch bundle to your basket from below the main PS4 product.

Tesco has a lot of discounted PS4 bundles this week, check out our extensive cheap PS4 deals page for our pick of the best ones. Alternatively, there are plenty of fresh Xbox One deals too.

Happy gaming.

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  • Via: Trusted Reviews