Top5 Essential The Division Tips For Beginners

The Division is funny but also a little hard. All things seems difficult when you start to play, here are some useful tips help you a lot.

Survive the viral apocalypse
The next big open-world shooter is here. The Division puts you in the trendy hiking boots of a sleeper agent from an organization called the Division with a mission to bring peace back to a chaotic, post-viral outbreak New York City. The open-world shooter is much more than your typical third-person action game: there is a vast world to explore, complicated co-op missions to accomplish, and high-value items to be crafted. There’s so much to do in The Division, in fact, that it can be a little overwhelming. Sure, it’s easy to follow the mission structure, but if you don’t pay attention to the minutiae, you might miss out of some significant character-building bonuses.The Division tips for beginners
Get the Recovery Link signature skill as soon as possible
When you completely level up one of the medical, security, or tech wings in your Base of Operations, you can unlock a signature skill for the respective skill tree. As you approach the level cap, you’ll want to have the medical wing’s Recovery Link skill unlocked. It allows you to heal and revive your squadmates and overheal your team to boost their maximum hit points. Having the Recovery Link skill available when you’re facing the hard-hitting elites of the end game is invaluable.

Purple items and higher have unique abilities
Once you start picking up the purple superior level weapons, you need to start paying attention to the abilities they possess. Each of the purple weapons has unique abilities that unlock only when you reach a certain threshold in your stats. If say, your firearms stat isn’t high enough, you can manage the stats bonuses in your gear to meet the requirement. Don’t get caught with an inactive purple ability.The Division tips for beginners 02
You can use buffs and change grenades
If you are one to ignore the tooltips that pop up here and there between shootouts, you might not have realized that you can change your grenades and use food to boost your abilities. Holding left on the D-pad will bring up a menu of grenades to select, ranging from the standard frag to incendiary explosives. Also, holding right on the D-pad will allow you to access timed buffs by consuming food to increase healing rates, remove status effects, add damage buffs, or activate the different ballistics options such as explosive and incendiary bullets.

Do your dailies
This is going back to MMO basics. Once you hit the PvE level cap of 30 you can start earning a special currency called Pheonix Credits which can buy the best gear, and begin doing daily missions. In order to get a hold of better guns and the credits you need to participate in the end game, you’ll need to do the daily missions, which rework the story missions with tougher enemies, and the even more difficult challenge modes. This is going to be your primary means for getting gear that can compete with the end-game enemies and players, so it’s well worth your time.
The Division tips for beginners 03
You can mod your weapons and move good mods around
See those numbers pinging off enemies when you shoot them? These are the damage points you’re inflicting on them, and although the higher the number the better the colour of the points is also important – white is a standard hit, blue means you’re hitting armour, orange represents a critical hit and red is a headshot.

Critical hits and headshots do the most damage, so you should always be aiming for orange and red hits. Tougher enemies with armour will have white bars above their health bar, and you’ll need to deplete these before you can deal proper damage to them.