Top5 Tips Before You Play Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 is a doozy, if you’ve picked the thing up, you might have been waiting for the weekend to put some serious time into it. Here are some tips to help get you through the best exclusive yet on Sony’s PS4.Uncharted 4 tips for players
Pace Yourself

This is a tough one, for some. Uncharted 4 is long by the standards of a narrative game, and most of us aren’t going to be knocking this thing out in a single 15 hour session. so you’ve got to split things up, and pacing yourself becomes important here. If you start to feel that notion of a slog coming on — that you are pushing through to the next chapter more out of grim determination than anything else — just shut the thing down. There’s nothing worse than spoiling a good story because you felt you had to get through it. I found that the several acts of the story split things up pretty well: each time you find yourself in a wildly different location, take a break. The last section takes quite a while, so you’ll likely need a spacer in there too. Luckily, the game provides you with a few opportunities.

You can climb on the white ledges

More advice for series newcomers, but important advice nonetheless. Uncharted 4 is pretty clear about what ledges you can climb on, because someone has conveniently painted all appropriate ledges with a white patina. If it’s not painted, it should be pretty clear as well: grates over windows, doorframes and the like. You’ll get into a rhythm in no time, but just know that the game has no interesting in getting you stuck on a climbing portion, and the answer is usually right in front of you. On that note, look for grappling points if you’re stuck, and keep a close eye on Drake’s hand. If he’s reaching it out, you can jump without fear of consequence, no matter how implausible the gap. If he’s not, you can jump knowing that he’ll be splatting on the jungle floor.Uncharted 4 tips for players 02
Take Cover

This is a natural for anyone that’s played essentially any third-person shooter since Gears of War, but it bears repeating. Take cover, always. Take cover in firefights, take cover in stealth, take cover during bathroom breaks. Drake is designed to look good when hunched up against a wall, first and foremost, and he’s certainly not designed to take too much machine gun fire to the face. If you see threats on the horizon, hunker down behind the nearest piece of cover and assess the situation. Hanging off a ledge counts, too.

Take it Easy

If you blow a stealth section, don’t feel the need to restart. If you miss some treasure, don’t worry. If you’re having a rough time with a particular combat section, just turn on auto aim. There are plenty of games out there designed to push the limits of your skills, but this isn’t really one of them, at least not on the first playthrough. Naughty Dog has a particular knack for balancing player-driven rhythms with the necessities of narrative pacing, but there are still plenty of opportunities for the player to break things if you’re so inclined. So think like Drake. Push forward when it makes sense, look around a little more when there’s a lull in the action. Let the story guide you.

Leave Time For The Ending

You’ll want to pace yourself, sure, but maybe block off at least an hour or so for the ending section: chapter 22, at least. Ideally, leave about two hours to finish the last two chapters. It’s a shame to have to leave the thing once that climactic music starts humming, and I get the feeling that at least those last two chapters are designed to be played in one fell swoop. And make sure to wait around for the end: there’s a moment when it looks like the game is over, but there’s an epilogue waiting in the wings.