Voice Lines Point to a Valentine’s Day Event

Overwatch’s next seasonal event may be coming up in just a few weeks, based on newly discovered voice lines.

As shared today by Reddit user akhanubis, the most recent PTR update contains a number of voice lines that may be used in the future. Not all of them are confirmed as being new, but several appear to be. Two, in particular, suggest Blizzard will add an Valentine’s Day event, as they feature Mercy and Genji talking about gifting each other chocolates. You can listen to them here.No Caption Provided

The timing wouldn’t be far off what we’ve seen since last summer, when Overwatch’s first seasonal event debuted. So far there have been three: the Olympics (started in August), Halloween (October), and Christmas (December). The Christmas event was also leaked by dataminers who found what ended up being the update’s Christmas-themed menu music.

Blizzard hasn’t offered any official schedule for when more events or content will be released, but it has made it clear that plenty more is on the way.

These adjustments are still in testing, and you can try them out for yourself right now if you own the PC version. A date for when they’ll launch in the live game hasn’t been announced.Earlier this month, the new Oasis map debuted on all platforms. The PTR update that includes these Valentine’s voice lines was introduced even more recently, nerfing Roadhog and D.Va and making some other changes.