Watch Dishonored 2 Speedrunner Beat Game in 32 Minutes

Dishonored 2 lets you play the game however you want to, whether that’s killing every enemy in sight or stealthily slipping by them unnoticed. For speedrunner Voetiem, however, it’s to get through the game as quickly as possible, and he’s done so in just over 30 minutes.

As PC Gamer reports, Voetiem’s run lasts for about 38 minutes, but without load times, it brings their total down to 32 minutes and 17 seconds. According to, it’s also a world record, with the next fastest time being 35 minutes and 59 seconds. You can check out the full run for yourself in the video below.

As for the strategies, Voetiem employs several that are quite funny to watch. It’s already the type of game that benefits from hilarious moments of physics and AI clashing, but some of the ways Voetiem proceeds through the game’s chapters are pure gold. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Dishonored 2 received a score of 8/10 in GameSpot’s review. Critic Scott Butterworth concluded, “Dishonored 2 might lack challenge in its later levels, but the basic tools are a joy to play with regardless. And with two characters and two basic play styles to choose from–both of which noticeably impact the story and the world as you go–there’s a lot of longevity to be wrung from the campaign.”

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