Watch the New Pokemon Generations Episode Here

Last week’s Pokemon Generations episode was all about Team Magma’s mission to take control of Groudon and rid the world of oceans. Now, it’s Team Aqua’s turn to attempt a worldwide flood with Kyogre.

The episode stars Team Aqua leader Archie as he’s gone mad with power, not even listening to his trusted companion, Shelly. She says that going ahead with the plan will kill everyone and thing in the world, but Archie responds by basically saying, “Nah.” You can watch the episode in the embed below.

The episode, titled “The Cavern,” marks the eighth episode released of Pokemon Generations so far. The series focuses on the classic moments, characters, and locations in Pokemon video games and giving them a new perspective. So far, we’ve seen episodes that revolve around the police chasing down Team Rocket, your rival’s battle with the Elite Four, and a dragon master’s infiltration of a Team Rocket base.

You can expect 10 more episodes of the animated series to release through December 23.

2016 marks 20 years since Pokemon started, and to celebrate the occasion, there have been a bunch of games and videos released this year. Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow were made available on the 3DS eShop earlier this year, while Pokemon Go launched in July, surpassing 500 million downloads and topping the sales charts.

In addition to that, a pretty awesome ad aired during the Super Bowl, and a fan recently created their own commercial. It captures childhood memories of Pokemon perfectly, and it might even make you cry.

Players can look forward to Pokemon Sun / Moon, which releases on November 18. A demo of the upcoming game is available on the 3DS eShop right now.

We recently got the opportunity to talk to Pokemon developers Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori about legendaries, Pokemon Go, and whether or not they should reset the number of Pokemon.