Watch This Battlefield 1 PS4 vs. PS4 Pro Comparison Video

EA’s Battlefield 1 is among the many games that support Sony’s recently launched PlayStation 4 Pro console. But what kind of improvements can players expect on the new console?

Digital Foundry has posted an in-depth report that discusses this, while a comparison video (immediately below) shows off the game running on a PS4 and PS4 Pro. For its tests, Digital Foundry played side-by-side on each console in the same squad, with one player closely following the other.

The site found that the PS4 Pro version provides up to a 10-15 FPS advantage over the standard PS4. Obviously, Battlefield 1’s gameplay is very dynamic, as players control when buildings come crashing down and more, so not every sequence is the same in terms of performance. However, the site concluded that Battlefield 1 sticks closer to its 60 FPS target on PS4 Pro than the regular PS4. Looking at graphics, the PS4 Pro version has a resolution advantage over the PS4, with better textures, effects, and terrain details. These improvements are apparent on both 4K and 1080p screens, apparently.

A smoother and more visually rich experience could in theory give PS4 Pro players an advantage over people playing on a standard PS4. EA has not yet addressed this.

Battlefield 1’s massive Fall update came out on November 15–it made a series of changes across the entire game, spanning maps, weapon balance, and more. See the full patch notes here.

Released in October, Battlefield 1 became the biggest launch in developer DICE’s history based on the number of daily active players. The exact number was not disclosed, but we do know that players spent a collective 59 million hours in-game. You can see more statistics here.