Xbox has teased that January for the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility catalog

Xbox executive Phil Spencer has teased that January looks like a “pretty good” month for the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility catalog.

Spencer didn’t do that this time, instead saying only that “January looks pretty good for [backwards compatibility].”His comment came on Twitter in response to someone who asked if he could pre-announce a backwards compatibility game, as he did in the past with Blue Dragon.

In another tweet, Spencer spoke more generally about backwards compatibility and its appeal.

“Back compat was good as it brought a bunch of nostalgia back without all the games needing to be redone or rebought,” the executive said.

Spencer added: “I love that [backwards compatibility] is bringing great games to people who didn’t get to play on 360.”

You can see a list of all the backwards compatibility games here.The Xbox One’s backwards compatibility program, which launched in November 2015, now has over 300 games in it. Earlier this month, all the core BioShock games joined the catalog, while Bully, Catherine, and Raskulls more recently joined the lineup.

In other news, Spencer recently said nearly half of all Xbox One owners have used backwards compatibility. Collectively, people have spent more than 210 million hours playing Xbox 360 games on Xbox One.